Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Face of Australia Molten Metallics - Flaming Lava

I had such a fantastic excellent day yesterday when I really wasn't expecting to have even a decent one.

Let's start at the beginning! I planned yesterday to go to Ikea with a friend and finally get my #1 wishlist item - an Ikea Helmer. Being Australia they of course had to jack up the price so what I had been hearing about overseas as a $40 item turned out to be $130 here - ouch! Anyway I really wanted to get my little hands on one [especially as my eldest kiddo has stolen my makeshift plastic helmer and filled it with lego!]

So guess what I found on clearance sale ...
[stolen pic from Google Images]

Oh yeah!!! Reduced big time!! I grabbed it and ran - I didn't even check what colour it was until I got home - turned out I've gotten a lovely red and I thought I should get my nails to match!!

Face of Australia Molten Metallics - Flaming Lava
Purchased from Big W - $4.95 AUD
I broke my July No Buy to grab this baby but I think it was justified! I know the Molten Metallics collection is Limited Edition but for some reason they have simply disappeared totally from all of the places locally around me that sell Face of Australia - no idea on if they just simply sold out or if they have just been removed from the shelves but if any Aussies want any of this range I'll say to get your butt moving!

I love this range - which is why I wanted the set. I'm yet to find one that hasn't been lovely. Obviously it's a metallic polish and this one is a lovely bright shiny red! The only flaw I found with it is that my camera doesn't like how fantastic it is and tones down the photos [edited - actually after looking on Google it seems that others have this issue aswell!!]

This picture is 1 coat - that's right you heard me ... it's a super rare 1 coater!! As with the others from this range it dries quickly and smooth and there is no streaks or brush marks. Just shiny goodness left behind!!
[photo done with flash as that was the ONLY way I could get this polish to look the colour it actually is!]

** Final Verdict **
Possibly my favourite red I've come across so far - ever. Being a 1 coater makes it fantastic in my book. I love how these metallics are so super smooth and shiny and I love how this matches my new shiny helmer!! I really do love this range.


  1. congrats on your helmer! i need one! and i tried to photograph a red today that didn't want to be true to color. I've had that problem with most of the reds I have, actually... :/

  2. Well done one the Helmer. No Ikea here in Canberra so my plastic sistema boxes will have to do. Must get myself some of those Metallics too, it looks beautiful. But I'm determined to wait until August.

  3. I'm still struggling with the stupid thing trying to build it - hopefully I'll have pics for you tomorrow :D

  4. Can you believe that we don't have IKEA here :(

  5. I want a red Helmer!! I also want that red polish ha ha. I have never heard of that brand actually. I am ALWAYS won over by a one coater ;o)

  6. Shame on you! You broke your July No Buy rule haha... Just joking! Love the polish color though.


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