Sunday, July 31, 2011

Butterfly Award & Chi Chi - Hissy Fit

Oooh - firstly I've won the Butterfly Award from Nails by Courteney [check out her blog *hint hint*]
... The Rules ...
1. Link the person back who awarded you
2. Share 7 things about yourself
3. Answer the following questions below
4. Award this to 15 bloggers.

... 7 things about myself ...
1.  I'm itching for tomorrow when no buy ends ... I have a list of things I want to buy this week :D
2.  My favourite flowers are tulips!
3.  I really enjoy reading thriller and suspense novels
4.  I love a cheese platter - Mmmmmmmmmmmm
5.  I live really close to the beach
6.  My favourite season is Autumn
7.  I believe whatever situation in life - there is a Simpsons quote to appropriately describe it!!

... Questions ...
Favourite Colour: Pink at the moment but this changes regularly

Favourite Song: At the moment I'm definitely into Katy Perry so I'll say Last Friday Night

Favourite Dessert: Sticky Date Pudding ... Nom nom nom nom

What annoys me: When people comment on my spelling on my blog ... I'm sure someone will say I've spelt "Favourite" and "Colour" wrong >:( Sorry but I speak and spell English - not American *end rant*

Favourite Pet: My Maltese Shihtzu Lola :)

Black or White: Depends on the situation

Biggest Fear: The Dentist ... Seriously! I can't bring myself to visit a dentist and I break out in sweat even thinking about it. I blame a traumatic childhood where I had braces 3 times :( One day I'll overcome this phobia.

Best feature: My sense of humour :D

What is perfection: It's whatever you want to make it!

Guilty Pleasure: Chocolate ... mmmmmmmmmmm

... Tagged Bloggers ...
[I've only done 10 - feel the love and get visiting]

Now with that out of the way onto nails ...
Chi Chi - Hissy Fit
Purchased from Target - $5.00 AUD
I'll come out and say it - I really like the Chi Chi mini bottles. Firstly I love the bottle shape compared to the full sized square design - secondly it's not exactly "mini" at 10ml/0.3fl oz it's still bigger than things like Glitter Gal and the full size is only 5ml more [although costs $12.95]

There isn't a lot about Chi Chi polishes on Google [their official site is forever under construction] and I couldn't find a swatch of this one online when I was browsing at their colours and picked it up just because of the colour in the bottle that was calling me.

"Hissy fit" is a bright vibrant dark purple with hints of blue. I originally wasn't going to call it a blurple but it appears more like a bright dark blue in the shade and in photos it appears to be the same story - it's full of shine and colour regardless. Also this is one of those polishes that my camera hates and decided to show it as blue so I've had to use my husbands HTC phone for these photos

This is 2 coats and it goes on smooth and dries quickly. No lumps, bumps, bubbles or streaks just shiny purple filled goodness!
[eww - gross cuticles! must do something about that]

** Final Verdict **
Easy to apply, easy on the eyes, easy on the wallet ... providing that you aren't buying it to photograph you'll be fine! So ... go have a Hissy Fit! :) I insist!


  1. awww, thanks for the tag (does that mean you gave me the award & I blog it now?)

    LOL @ your #7!!! & I love them cute little Chi Chi bottles

  2. Haha, I totally agree with the Simpsons' quote thing. They're always appropriate. :D


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