Wednesday, July 6, 2011

... giveaways ...

Firstly - hello to new subscribers *waves* You seem to be growing daily! I can't believe I'm on my way to 50! Wow!

I've been starting to add a few pages to the top and fill them with mindless drivel for you all. Also if you have time please hit like on my Facebook link :) I nearly have enough followers to give my page a username! Hoorah

Well it's that time of week again - the weekly giveaway plugs!! I'm really really trying to do these once a week now and all together in a group so a] I remember I've entered them and b] so you guys can just click down the page without reloading other pages.

So let's begin!! All are international - so what you wanting for? Sign up now! I'd love a follower to win!!

[the instructions are in English at the bottom of the post]

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