Wednesday, July 13, 2011

... Chemistry 523 ...

Chemistry 523
Essential Beauty / Essential Distribution - AUD$11.95
As requested today by Kitties26 from More Nail Polish -  it's Chemistry 523 in all it's glory - well if you ignore the kids Shampoo bottle in the background! Whoops. 523 is a multichrome that shifts from dark brown to bright copper to burnt orange to shiny gold - like all of the multichromes it's very pretty and mesmerising.

First things first - this is shown over my super favourite nude Nfu.Oh23 but I'm sure it would look fantastic layered over black aswell. Unfortunately this one streaks and took ages to dry [so excuse the smudged finger] but the colour goodness definitely made up for that.

Apologies in advance for the dodgy photography - I like to hope that one day I'll be fantastic at capturing these in their awesomeness. My poor pinky finger has decided today not to photograph nicely *sad*
** Final Verdict **
If you ignore the streaks and everything this is a fantastic polish like all the others in the Chemistry/Ozotic/Artform range. I tried to Google to see if there is another multichrome brown to gold but it wasn't bringing up much success with the keywords I was using.

If anyone else has a request for something I have in my stash please ask! I'm more than happy to help out!


  1. OOOHHHHH. I totally love this. I'm sooooo buying this in August when I place my next Chemistry order. Thank you so much for swatching it for me!

  2. No problem :) I'll be heading down to their warehouse again when they restock properly

  3. Your lucky you can see all the colours in real life at the warehouse. At the moment I just going off the blurry colour chart on their site and trying to pick numbers that are gaps in my collection.


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