Monday, August 22, 2011

... Blue Monday - Australis Paint the Town Buns of Steel ...

I'm well again!!! HOORAH!!! But my kids aren't :( Bummer but at least that means I can get blogging again in between cuddles and doing the mum thing. I've missed you guys! I'm hoping to get some reading and commenting in this afternoon as I feel out of touch!! I'm also going to do some holo comparisons for you later in the week while the sun is actually out but first ... it's Blue Monday!!!

Australis Paint the Town - Buns of Steel
Purchased from Target - $8.95 AUD
Seriously most of the names in this range made me laugh so hard! This is "Buns of Steel" which is a metallic light blue.

First thing to mention about this is the size of the brush which you can't miss [plus it's plastered in nice big letters on the front] ... I've got a lot of "one stroke" brushes or "mega brushes" but seriously this one would take the cake. It should be renamed "the mother of all brushes" or "OMG it's another PITA brush"
Look at it - it's massive! Surprisingly I didn't find this as annoying as some of the other larger brushes that I have but give me a regular brush any day!

This actually dried super quickly and I wasn't expecting it considering how much polish the larger brush seemed to dump on in one stroke. I had to use 2 coats due to a few bald patches from the brush first time around and unfortunately the brush is it's real downfall as I found it so hard to get a great finish as no matter what I did I kept getting bad streaks from the brush.

Whoops - sorry about the bottle mess!

** Final Verdict **
Ultimately it's a nice bright light blue metallic. It's really a lovely colour and honestly it's a shame about the brush. I totally get the gimmick to get people to buy polishes with bigger brushes to save time etc but really ... with a smaller brush it would look a hell of a lot nicer even if it did take you an extra 30 seconds all up.


  1. So metallic! I like! :]
    I agree. Applying nail polish with a big brush can be messy.

    By the way, I’m having an international Pura Vida bracelets giveaway so come check it out! :]

    xoxo, Bree

  2. I think I might get that just for the name! LOL, Buns of Steel!

  3. Buns of Steel, love it. This almost looks like a chrome. I hate the wide brushes toom but I love this polish.

  4. very pretty the metallic colour . Looks nice on you:)

  5. Thats a very pretty polish color! Looks great on your nails.

  6. this is a really lovely colour, i have been loving metallics lately

    shel xx


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