Thursday, August 4, 2011

... Ulta 3 - Twilight Fever ...

Firstly - I've made a "Oz Polish" tab up the top with a list of brands that are available in Australia ... just to show that there is more to Australian polishes than Glitter Gal [which is amazing don't get me wrong]. If there is anything you want to me to get swatching let me know - what I have is listed up the top on the "Stash" tab ... I'll be trying to swatch at least 1 of each type listed on the Oz Polish page in the coming days/weeks! Aussie gals - if I'm missing any off that list please let me know!
C xxxx

Ulta 3 - Twilight Fever
Purchased from Carrig Chemists - $2.25 AUD
I'd been meaning to get this polish for like forever - even since I'd read about it being the dupe for Chanel Paradoxal ... but I kept forgetting about it or when I did remember I wasn't able to locate it in the Ulta3 bins. I made a point of making this the first polish I could buy after my no buy finished [next on the list is Inglot! I'll be there Friday stocking up on Flakie goodness]

For those not in the know it's a brown polish with exciting flashes of purple that appear! As like any of the other Ulta3 polishes I own it easily dries quickly and smoothly with no lumps or bumps or bubbles - this is a fantastic polish that you could use 1 coat for if you wanted too. I love easy polishes that are everything that you expect it to be.

** Final Verdict **
I don't have the Chanel to compare it too but I've seen enough via google images and other peoples swatches to know it's the dupe and for just over $2 it's definitely in my budget!!! Oh yeah!!


  1. Great idea with the oz polish tab - I had not heard of Cate Ruby.....they look nice

  2. loved the color!
    nice blog.

  3. I'll swatch some Cate Ruby for you soon :) I'm a sucker for a pretty bottle!!

  4. Thanks Claire, me too - that bottle is too cute!!!

  5. $2 dupes - can't beat them!

  6. Oh I had not heard of Cate Ruby either or Exhibit I don't think come to think of it.

    *waits patiently for swatches*

    Some more Aussie polishes...
    Sportsgirls Nail It

    I might have a couple more for you as well, but I will need to check my bottles before I shoot my mouth off.

  7. *laughs* Clearly I should start from oldest to newest just sae your earlier Exhibit swatch.

  8. I'll swatch about Exhibit soon for you ;) Thanks for the other polishes - I'll add that to the list in a bit


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