Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Kink Cosmetics - Candy

Kink Cosmetics - Candy
Purchased from Coles Supermarkets - $8.00 AUD
Okies ... I'm trying Kink Cosmetics again! Mainly as they sell these as buy 2 - get 1 free and I have 2 left that I haven't swatched yet after last time.

This one is "Candy" which really is a definitely a pretty pink and reminds me of that darker pink fairy floss - nom nom nom. Actually I was pleasantly surprised with this polish. This is 1 coat [oh yes - it's a one coater] with no base. It was quick drying and smooth with no unslightly bumps, bubbles or streaks. It's also not a smelly polish - gotta love that.

I've stamped it with Konad m3 using Rimmel 60 second 800 Black Out. Pretty stars :)

*Final Verdict*
This is going straight into my pile that I'll use again. I love the colour, I love how easy this was to use with a single coat and I love that I was surprised at how great this one actually was!


  1. Such a pretty pink! Love the stars on the single nail!

  2. 1 coaters are my fav! I need to snag you some pinks ;o)

  3. this is amazing - and i love the stamping xx

  4. this is cute and very like the colour i am wearing right now lol

    shel xx


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