Sunday, August 7, 2011

... BYS - Pot of Gold ...

BYS - Pot of Gold ... part of the BYS Glam Glitter pack
Purchased from Gloss Cosmetics - $11.95 AUD for the pack or individually $4.50 AUD
I saw this as I was walking past the local Gloss and was intrigued to see how BYS are going to stand up to the hundreds of other chunky glitters that have appeared. I'll attempt to try the other 2 in the next few days.

The first thing I noticed was how the glitter in the bottle was yellowy gold but reflects back red and green - that's always a plus in the sun ... extra oomph and distraction!  The second thing I noticed was the smell - OMG this polish stinks to high heaven. I think it's won the award for the smelliest polish I own ... great for if you want to have your house smelling like one of those nail places in the shopping centres ... but not ideal for regular households.

Pot of gold is obviously a gold and contains large and small hex pieces plus tiny specs of glitter in a clear yellow base. Number of coats will really vary depending on how much "glam" you want on your nails and how lucky you are with the brush in picking up the glitter! This in turn will change the drying time. Heads up that this does not dry smooth so you will need some top coat if you need to feel the sleek smoothness of nails. Also for a glitter this was surprisingly easy to remove - no need for soaking in foils or anything.

I've swatched today over Face of Australia Molten Metallics Amethyst from yesterdays review.
It looks interesting ... This actually was really really hard to photo plain as most of my photos were a blurry mess as my camera couldn't handle the return fire of shiny colour awesomeness reflecting back at me [as this example shows] There is a rainbow of different colours blinging back in your face.
** Final Verdict **
I wasn't that impressed by just seeing the glitter plain on my nail but in light/sun - woah! Those holo particles pack a punch. The smell was the worst part though by far ... but if you can handle stinky polish then go for it!


  1. OMG someone who shares my hatred towards the smell of BYS polishes! The holo particles are amazing though!

  2. I keep getting sucked into buying BYS cos of the price ... and then as soon as I open the bottle I remember that I hate the smell - bah :(

  3. Ooh this is super hot. Love it!!

  4. Super awesome polish!


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