Sunday, August 28, 2011

... Purple Holo Week ... Nubar - Treasure with Spectraflair

I'm finishing off purple holo week with a requested swatch via email of Nubar Treasure with Spectraflair on top. I was asked if putting spectraflair on top made it more holo ... well yes ... but it also made it more grey aswell which unfortunately is the downfall of using it. You really need a strong, bright and bold colour to start with so that the grey isn't noticeable.
Indoors no sun ... see looking more grey than pretty purple
Blingy in the sun ... looking more purple here.

So I hope that answers that. It was nice in the sun but honestly I'd rather wear the original. Indoors it just looks grey and flat and yick!

So I hope you enjoyed this week as much as I have. I definitely have a lot more unblogged about holographic polishes so now that the weather seems to be warming up and the sun is out more regularly I'll definitely do another holo week for you soon.

Tomorrow I'm firstly announcing the winner of my giveaway [hoorah!!!] and starting a new week of "Nail Mail" as I've had some great parcels lately and need to give them a thorough going over!!


  1. Very pretty polishes! I have had some nail mail lately that I need to post up!

  2. I meant polish not polishes*


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