Tuesday, August 16, 2011

... Hello Kitty Nail Cocktail ...

I'm actually really crook at the moment and not feeling well at all. I've been on and off since Sunday and let's face it - I haven't even had the energy to paint my nails since the weekend *waves her nakedness at the screen.

I'm just pulling a few random photos off of the memory card for your entertainment over the next days until I'm back on my feet. Hopefully I'll be able to catch up with reading you all today a bit more as I've missed it and am snuggled up in bed with the laptop. Apologies in advance for any mad ravings or extreme randomness.

A lovely friend who lives in Hong Kong sent me a month or so ago! Awww :) I think Hello Kitty is cute but I'm not obsessive about it or anything. Anyway I was tempted to see how this worked out as it came in 2 parts. One is the base and one is a glitter mixture to go over top half of the nail.

The base is really a nude ... but the glitter has intrigued me and I've been meaning to retry with another base *makes mental note to do so in the future*

Judging by the length of my nails this was some time ago that I swatched this as they are nowhere near that long at the moment and I'm needing to file them right back again shortly due to 2 fingers on my right hand not playing nice and peeling :( Bah!
** Final Verdict **
It's definitely nothing fancy but I like it simply because of the story behind it and the friend that sent it! It's like having a part of her wherever I go. I'm sure if you are a Hello Kitty fan though that you do need this - the bottles are seriously cute. I do need to reuse the glitter though and see what it's like on a darker colour though!


  1. Cute nail cocktail. Thanks for posting when you feel so shitty. Hope you feel better soon *hug*

  2. Thanks mate ... I'm totally over it. Here's hoping tomorrow is a better day

  3. I <3 Hello Kitty Feel Better Girlie

  4. Nyawwww cute :D Love it!

    I hope you feel better soon, Claire! It's crappy being sick :(

  5. Hope you feel better soon!


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