Monday, August 8, 2011

... Blue Monday - Chi Chi Get Down and Boogie

Chi Chi - Get Down and Boogie
Purchased from Gloss Cosmetics - $5.00 AUD

It's another fantastic Chi Chi mini bottle today. This one is "Get Down and Boogie" which really is a bright metallic blue. So grab your dancing shoes and lets get going!

This a gorgeous fun colour. I've used 2 coats - no need for a nude or black base with this one. It's streak free and has no bubbles or unsightly bits. It also dries fast ... and shiny! I don't seem to have any blues quite like this in my small collection but I would like to see how it compares to Nfu.Oh 51 over black.

** Final Verdict **
It's fun and bright and is a dream to apply. I'll be wearing again!


  1. It is bright and fun! Nice color!

  2. only 2 coats? this is aesome! I love finding polishes that dont need a base color to make the color pop.

  3. @imfeelingnail-venturous ... Thanks mate

    @ReecesPeeces ... They have some hilarious names in this range.

    @Shortwidenails ... yup no base coat - which is great as I'm generally pretty lazy with things like that :D

  4. Such a pretty blue!!

    I <3 Chi Chi!


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