Tuesday, August 23, 2011

... Purple Holo Week ... China Glaze - LOL

China Glaze - LOL
Gifted from ReecesPeeces [check out her blog! *hint hint*]
As the sun is set to be out this week I should take advantage of it so I'm going to compare the purple holos I have in my collection to see how similar they are ... or if it's just all in my mind!!

I'm not patient enough to do a stack of swatches in a day and I do like to get some wear out of what's on my fingertips so you'll have to just deal with holo goodness all week!

First up is China Glaze LOL which I'm ever so grateful that Reece told me that I needed and sent over!!! It's awesome. As far as I'm aware if you are desperate for this you'll pretty much have to hit eBay.

So LOL is a fantastic purple full of lovely holographic goodness. I've had zero problems with LOL although I've read of numerous others having issues with cuticle drag. I've had zero bubbles or streaks or other unwantedness. This is 2 coats of LOL with no top coat. I've generally had a good run in the past of being chip free for a few days without a top coat.
[how it looks inside ... I think it's a pretty purple regardless of the holo - I'd wear this! Just minus the dodgy cleanup work ]

[ Fun in the sun! ]

** Final Verdict **
I think it's a great coloured purple, the holographic definitely makes this polish stand out and I've had great runs with it in regards to longlife and chip resistant. How will it stack up against another purple holo? We'll find out tomorrow!


  1. I love LOL, but I think I've only worn it once! God isn't that terrible. A whole purple holo week - I can't wait!

  2. Purple holo WEEK.....I will be tuning in :o)

  3. Well that's the plan!! Gotta take advantage of the sun! I probably should have realised I'd swatched GG Purple a month ago though :D

  4. i love it i got surprised with this one its my only chg holo :D

    shel xx

  5. WEEK? I'm gonna be sitting on your blog all week :D

  6. WOW! I love the bottom photo.


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