Wednesday, August 3, 2011

... Mode Cosmetics - Fuchsia ...

Mode Cosmetics - Fuchsia
Purchased at Carrig Chemists - $2.45
Mode Cosmetics is a great cheap polish available here in Australia. I've always "assumed" they are Aussie and I know the bottle says "Made in the UAE" that really means squat as to the company. They are seriously understated here and at just over $2 a pop really you can't go wrong with them. I need to have more in my stash to be honest.

So this is "Fuchsia" which is a nice bright happy pink. It was definitely yelling at me "BUY ME".  I've been in a real pink phase lately so this is perfect and matches my clothes regularly. This is 2 coats for a fully opaque look. It dries really quickly and is a dream to apply. No streaks, bubbles or unsightly bits
** Final Verdict **
I'd give it 3 big ticks ... for price, for colour and for application. As a pink girl this one has done me well. Being a fast in the drying component means I'm loving this when I'm in a rush to head out. Final word - I'm yet to find a Mode that I didn't like ...


  1. Hey - I'm finally getting a chance to blog surf again. I have 3 mode polishes and love them all. This looks HOT!

  2. Good to see you out and about again :D One of the local chemists has just started stocking Mode again so I can't help but stop everytime I walk past ...

  3. I've got two of these which I received as a present. I need to track down where they are available!

    Such a pretty colour!!


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