Thursday, August 25, 2011

... Purple Holo Week ... Ozotic 513 ...

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Ozotic 513
Purchased from piCture pOlish - $14.95 AUD
I know this one has appeared frequently on my Blogs I read list lately but it needs to be included here with all the other purple fantasticness. I don't want it to feel left out of the love.

Ozotic 513 is a dark purple holographic. It's definitely darker than the first 2 purple holos that I've swatched this week. It's a pretty purple by itself. I guess I should point out that this is now a discontinued style bottle - I saw yesterday that Ozotics are going rectangular. Unsure how I feel about that yet but I guess we'll find out as they filter through into my helmer

Application was a breeze - no streaks or unsightly marks here. This is 2 coats of fun fun fun! I haven't used a top coat this time around but I've personally had no issues with the ones I've used on this polish. The holo seems to shine on through!

[out in the sunlight]

I've often been told that this is similar to Glitter Gal Purple ... but how similar? I'll show you tomorrow :) I'm curious too :)

** Final Verdict **
If you want a genuine in your face linear holographic purple polish then put this on your Wishlist. It's well worth it.


  1. Loving your purple holo week!!!

  2. Very pretty! I love purples!

  3. I just swatched mine today...I'm so in love. Very pretty color =)

  4. The color is so nice. I only have 3 holo nail polishes but i love holo. Just find it hard to find more :)

  5. linear holo + purple = I'm in heaven!! :D

  6. Love all holos-wish they made more dark holos! but this is awesome!

  7. Awesome! Love this one!


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