Wednesday, August 10, 2011

... Cate Ruby - Mulberry ...

Cate Ruby - Mulberry
Purchased from Cate Ruby - $14.95 AUD
I'm seriously so excited to swatch these. I discovered Cate Ruby simply by accident - I was doing some googling Australian polishes to see what else I need to try and there appeared in all their glory screaming "Buy Me"!!!! So I did! How can you resist that gorgeous bottle *loves* 

Also these were packaged so cute! Best packaging I've had in ages! Definitely beats the standard bubblewrap and tape! So pretty!!
This is "Mulberry" from the Commando Cate range. This is a vibrant dark purple and seriously has some nice swirly polish designs going on from the light and dark purple mixing ... pretty! So let's put it to the test - it applies nicely, there was no streaks or bubbles and definitely no bad smells [hurrah! I swear my house still smells like that BYS polish from the other day]

Also that gorgeous diamonte band actually comes off so you can wear it ... ooooh! It looks pretty stretchy incase you have larger fingers than moi.
They are available in selected salons mainly in the Brisbane area or you can do what I did and order online. I have no idea on if they ship overseas or not [you might have to ask!] - I've got another shade in a pink that I'll review another day for you all.

Their Facebook page currently has a promo on at the moment to name their new brilliant yellow polish - get on it! I love seeing people I know win stuff!!

I got another Konad plate yesterday so stamping we shall go - flowers always make everything better! This is from the m82 plate and the stamp was using Face of Australia Molten Metallics in White Gold
** Final Verdict **
I wasn't disappointed by this - lovely bottle, beautiful wrapping, fantastic customer service from Tracey at Cate Ruby who was in my inbox straight away and dispatched these straight away to me. Fantastic colour aswell. If you are like me and are a sucker for a cute bottle then head on over and pick one up!!


  1. WOW... Soo pretty... I love the stamp too!

  2. Love a dark moody purple!! Congrats on the 100 lovely- woot woot!


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