Saturday, August 6, 2011

... Face of Australia Molten Metallics - Amethyst ...

Face of Australia Molten Metallics - Amethyst
Purchased from Big W - $4.95
You sick of me raving about these Face of Australia metallics yet?? I seriously use them all the time - this range is great for a base and extremely awesome for nail art and stamping ... LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Up today is Amethyst which is the purple metallic and firstly I'd love to point out the fantastic pretty shapes that the bottle frequently makes with the silver it contains. Oooooh
It's a lovely shiny purple that dries fast and you can make it opaque in one coat if you want ... but ... and here's my first "con" with this range - thin is best with this one!! Thicker coats will bring out the streaks *sobs* I haven't noticed this with the other colours in the range but I did with this and had to redo. Apart from that it dries quickly, is smooth and has no bubbles.
** Final Verdict **
A lovely purple metallic - like the others in this range I've reviewed so far it's smooth and shiny and a dream to apply. Bliss! [Just watch out for those streaks!]


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