Friday, August 5, 2011

... Friday Favourites - Chemistry 601 ...

Hello to new followers *waves* Welcome to my little piece of the web! I'm planning a giveaway at 100 so hopefully that won't be too long to go :) Here's todays "Friday Favourite"

Chemistry 601
Purchased from Essential Beauty / Essential Distribution - $6.90
Do you think I remembered to swatch all the holos and glitters that are waiting when the sun was actually out for a few days? Ugh - that would be logical!  Although the rainy days do make me want to put on some of my more blingy polishes - just to make me smile when the sun does appear and hits it right.

On todays nails is Chemistry 601. Chemistry is Ozotics just in a different bottle with a different logo. So this is the exact same as Ozotic 601 [which I've heard is the same as Ozotic 516 - go figure]. I'll be honest and say I really do prefer the Chemistry range and for 2 reasons. One - it's a lot nicer on my wallet than Ozotics! I like the fact I can get 3 times the love and Two - the bottles line up a lot nicer in my helmer than the round Ozotics!!

601 is a pink holo glitter - sounds like fun doesn't it! This is one of my favourite polishes just because it seems so happy. I'm a pink girl and this just wants to sparkle and always makes me smile. Let's swatch!

Just by picking up the bottle you can tell that this polish is going to be great. It's pink with holo goodness shining back in your face. I've done 2 coats of fun this time around and if I used a nude base I probably could have gotten away with a single coat. It dries quick, no streaks or bubbles. It actually is a glitter that dries smooth which is a bonus.
** Final Verdict **
It's happy, it's fun and it's holo. What more do you want? It's affordable!! I'm impatiently waiting for the Chemistry warehouse to restock and then I'll be back again for more. For Aussies - it's worthwhile sticking your head in Essential Beauty for these polishes if you are walking past a franchise and seeing what they've got ... some places are crazy and will slug you $19.95 for polishes - while others no longer sell polish and stick them all in clearance bins where you can buy them for a few dollars each [one place I went too had thrown out a full box of multichromes and holos into the dumpster as "they didn't sell" - I wanted to cry and even considered trying to be a bin scab for a bit to see if they still lingered on at the bottom of those big rubbish skips]


  1. I love holo polishes. You can never go wrong. I have a polish that is similar to this color.

  2. My Ozotic 601 is a sheer pale pink that needs at least three coats. Yours looks a much brighter pink. Looks like I might have to get the Chemistry one too. Damn I wish we had an Essential Beauty in Canberra. 516 is definitely the same colour, although is a fine particle linear holo. Certainly a Friday Favourite!

  3. Essential Beauty aye... Must go look!

    This is a gorgeous colour, I'm not a pink girl but I'd wear this :)

  4. @imfeelingnail-venturous - Holo polishes make me smile ... not as much as flakies do but pretty close!

    @Kitties26 - it's different? Wow ... so much for being the same. I might have to track you down a bottle to compare with the Ozotic.

    @reeree - it's worth a look! I've found Essential Beauty polish prices to really vary from store to store but you can sometimes get lucky :)


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