Wednesday, August 17, 2011

... Orly - Chocolate Martini ...

Howdy readers. I'm still not well so there will be another few days of randoms coming your way. I'm praying I'm well by the weekend as I've got a big one planned but until then I'm trying to rest up [well as much as you can with 2 active kiddies] and unless I can pull my finger out and decide what to wear for said occasion I'll be resorting to the never fail flakies for my nails ... especially as I've just had to file them down short again.

Orly - Chocolate Martini
Purchased from Carrig Chemists - $7.95 AUD
I'll start off by saying - I was so so so so excited to see bottles of Orly in the shops near me. Even if they were only the mini bottles. Now I'm sure any overseas readers are currently having a coronary at the thought of paying $8 for a mini Orly. Luckily this gem found it's way into the $2 bargain bin ... fantastic.

I wouldn't describe this colour as "Chocolate" ... maybe a caramel ... mmmm caramel. But in all honesty it's a copper colour and it's bright and definitely got a shimmer too it. This is 2 coats of fun and it applied quickly and easily, no lumps or bumps and it dried quickly. The downside was that I started to get tip wear on this before 24 hours - bummer as it's such a pretty colour.
[Ewwww - hand of wrinkles!!]

** Final Verdict **
It's a happy and bright colour that is easy to apply with no hiccups. I do want to retry in the future to see if the tip wear was a one off or if it's constant. I ended up doing some Konading on this colour and had a lot of comments on it but I'll leave that for tomorrow as I'm not sure I'll be back on my feet properly by then.


  1. Great find for $2. Just my sort of colour too! Beautiful.

  2. yay! I love finding good deals on great polishes!

  3. I love the color, and it was so cheap, lucky you!


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