Friday, August 26, 2011

... Purple Holo Week ... Ozotic 513 vs Glitter Gal Dark Purple ...

Glitter Gal - Dark Purple
Purchased from Glitter Gal Cosmetics - $14.95 AUD
** Note that the version I have is the "Bling" range - the regular price is $11.95 AUD - same polish just a different top **
Right-o. If I was smart I would have swatched Glitter Gal Purple with these polishes instead of doing it a month ago. It seems pointless to reswatch as it wasn't long ago so here is my original post.

So ... I'm interested to see how Ozotic 513 [from yesterday] actually pairs up with Glitter Gal. I've heard them called dupes of each other many times before but Google images didn't want to enlighten me with any swatches of them together.

So here we go ... see if you can work out which is which :) [Clicking will make them slightly bigger
My poor pinky didn't want to play nice - sorry bout that. I'm trying to train it better!!

So ... which is Ozotic 513 and which is Glitter Gal Dark Purple??? 

Honestly I can't tell and if you can then you have better eyesight than me. For the record my middle and pinky are proudly wearing the Ozotic while the other 2 are loving life in Glitter Gal.
If you want to be really picky about it the Glitter Gal is slightly more slick and shiny which is only noticeable inside and the other main difference is that I only used 2 coats of Ozotic and 3 coats of Glitter Gal to get the same results. Apart from that they are the exact same colour with the exact same holo goodness!

** Final Verdict **
End of the day which do you choose ... really it comes down to money and what you want to spend. GlitterGal is the cheapest of the 2 at $11.95 AUD but ... you do only get a tiny 9ml/0.3fl oz bottle for that. The Ozotic is more expensive at $14.95 but you get 16ml/0.5fl oz

Hope that solves all theories about the dupiness! Tomorrow I'll bring you another holo ... promise!


  1. Great comparison! love those bligy bottles though

  2. Same - these were the first Glitter Gals I brought and found them for like $4 in a Perfume Connection clearance shop in Melbourne. I grabbed and ran!! It's a shame not more holo colours come in the pretty bottles.

  3. Oh wow, this is beautiful! I love purple, and I love holos ♥

  4. Yay - I'm so glad you posted this comp for us. GG $4 bargin, nice job! It's odd that there appears to be so many dupy colours between GG and Ozotic, yet so many unique to GG as well. I wonder if they are made by the same company here or not?

  5. Great post! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I love holos!!! LOVE LOVE! Am getting ready to order lizard belly from Glitter Gals-can't wait to get it!


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