Monday, August 29, 2011

... Blue Monday ... Essie - Smooth Sailing

Essie - Smooth Sailing
Welcome to a new week!! Nail mail week!! Like everyone else I like getting mail that isn't bills or depressing things like that. I've had some great parcels recently that I haven't had time to wear yet due to going crazy with purple holos ... so lets get swatching! :)  This beauty was sent to me from the lovely Debby at Maybe you're the crazy one [check her out!!]

This is my very first Essie so I'm rather excited! Essie is available in Australia from Myer but at a price. My local store has a small range priced between $19.95 to $23.00 [ouch!!] so it's a bit too steep for my budget.

Smooth Sailing is a fantastic blue that has a teal and purple shimmer throughout. The polish looks pretty in the bottle but even more exciting on the nail. I think I'm in love!!

Application was totally 100% easy. No lumpy bits or streaks here. This swatch is 2 coats which dried smooth and glossy. Also I found it really quick drying - woohoo! Didn't need any quick dry at all.

These photos look slightly more blue than it actually is and really they don't do this polish justice as it's so gorgeous. I've been constantly stopping typing just to relook at my nails!
Pretty in the sun!
** Final Verdict **
I really hope all Essie polishes are as easy to use and lovely to look at as this one. This one is so pretty it's gone straight into my favourites drawer to see another day soon and I'm so lucky to have some lovely people out there who spoil me by finding these beauties!!


  1. I almost bought this polish today but I decided to hold out for a few of the ones from the purse collection or whatever that is called. lol.

  2. I have only two essies, one was a comp prize and the other the matte top coat. This looks beautiful. Does it stain your nails at all?

  3. @Kitties26 - I'm just taking it off now and doesn't appear to have stained at all - well no more than was already there [I'm slowly growing it out ... stained orange nails is so not a good look]. Mind you I did use a base coat as well as some growth stuff. Very impressed with it - I'll have to get some more Essies in the future.

  4. I love Essie polish! I have this blue and love it!!


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