Saturday, August 27, 2011

... Purple Holo Week ... Chi Chi - Shopaholic ...

Chi Chi - Shopaholic
Purchased from Target - $5.00 AUD
Yes yes yes - I can hear you. This is a regular nice purple polish but not a holo ... but ... this is my favourite purple to add a spectraflair top coat too. Ah!

By itself it's another fantastic Chi Chi mini polish. Bright and shiny happy purple with a slight shimmer throughout. This is 2 coats with no streaks or unhappy marks.
I would assume by now 99.9% of the nail world would have heard about Spectraflair and the fun you can have with it. Spectraflair by itself is available if you are looking in the right places [you can buy from eBay but it is expensive ... I'll highly recommend stalking Cathy at More Nail Polish for when she gets some in!!] but there are numerous nail chicks who sell as a top coat all ready to rock and roll which is great for impatient people like me who want results now without having to make it! The only downfall with having it mixed with a top coat is if you leave it for too long sitting - it then needs a good 5 minute shake to be super holo again as it all compacts onto the bottom of the bottle.

So here is the same polish again but with 1 thin coat of Spectraflair Top Coat [if you coat it too thick you just end up with grey polish *sad*]. As Elzar from Futurama would say ... BAM!!
Ah holographic goodness!! I love you!! You are welcome anytime at my house!

** Final Verdict **
If you are a holographic lover then Spectraflair is your friend! Makes any polish bling in the sun for you! Fantastic!

Also I forgot mention my giveaway is now closed ... I will have a winner for you at the end of holo week!


  1. When I saw the title I was like....what, chichi has a holo I don't know about?!?! Sweet frankening - this is gorgeous!!!

  2. So much purple! Keep 'em coming.

  3. WOW! I love the finished product!


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