Friday, August 12, 2011

... Friday Favourites - Nail Mail ...

Really quick post today as my husband is home and so I'm doing housework instead of having fun painting nails *sad*

Todays Friday Favourite is Nail Mail! 'Cos I'm like most people and I love getting any mail that isn't bills!! These are things that came my way this week [including the 3 polishes I brought today]
[there was another pretty cat bottle but I can't find where I put it down - boo-urns!]

I'm most excited about getting my hands on my first Deborah Lippmann [Bad Romance] and that Cate Ruby [I'm such a pink girl!] but they are all welcome at my place and I'm accepting them all with loving arms into a place into my helmer [with the exception of kitty who keeps getting her tail caught cos she's too tall *sobs* ]

Oh and 3 Chi Chis that I picked up from Target while I was out today - Any Aussies in the house who like Chi Chi seriously get your butt down to Target. They are having a 25% off Chi Chi sale at the moment but for some reason I got more than that off ... the minis were only $3.75 and the full size bottle was $5.90 [which is like half price! Bargain!] I seriously say check it out!! If you are passing! Well worth it.


  1. WOW, great price on the ChiChis & is that the navy version I see of Moondust I spy - don't see it around anymore

    ♥ Love Lippmann BR too

  2. Thanks for the heads up on Target. Some of mine have been clearing some Chi Chi out for the past month now, so now I have to see if I am going to get 25% off stupidly lower prices (assuming they still have some left.)

    What brand is that kitty polish? I cannot quite make out the label even when I click the pic and I'm going to need to track me down some kitties. :D

  3. That kitty polish is so cute!!! Boo to it not fitting in your helmer though :( :( :(

    Aaah I wish I was going to Adelaide this weekend instead of next, the sale will prob be over :( :( :(

  4. @Kristy - Indeed it is Moondust!! :) I grabbed it an ran! [and in hindsight I should have run back in and gotten more Chi Chi love]

    @twistedangelwings - Hey chickadee!! Hopefully your Target is as loving - I didn't see it mentioned in the catalogue and only noticed as I went into the makeup section for something else!

    The kitty polish is a Korean brand called peripera - there are some sellers on eBay who have the range :)

  5. i love nail mail it makes my week just to get one package hehe!

    shel xx

  6. OMG need to get to a Target right now.

    Thanks for the heads up!

  7. I love nail mail!!!!!! I have some coming on Wednesday!

  8. Thanks hun, will check out the kitties once I have recovered from all the nail polish I brought in July. :)


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